yvette dubel
Female, 46 years old

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. -- Henry Ford WebAntiphon.com has relaunched Offering free white papers and mini-strategy sessions to get you started with key strategic catalysts for innovation with wisdom. Request your session today. And blog posts may answer some of your questions about Art Based Solutions or feel free to contact me. Let's discover meaningful solutions that also create value for your businessorganization and society. If you are a business on the leading edge or one that is ready to be you will benefit most from working with me. Interested in new research development opportunities Together we can find ways to ease the pain of change. WebAntiphon Group understands diversity. People are not demographic labels. Women are no exception. Art Based Solutions are unencumbered by the limitations of old mental models regarding market segmentation. This approach is a way forward in preparing for loss of control other complex scenarios. SpecialtiesArt Based Solutions, risk management, diversity and inclusion, outside box thinking, forward thinking events, program development, arts integration, social responsibility, eco-luxury, sustainable luxury, Art Based inquiry, public research, community economic development, CSR, strategic planning, relationships, networking, philanthropy, humanitarian initiatives, meaningful marketing, product development, event marketing, Quality Attention, branding innovation, Community Change Management, innovation consulting,