xiaogang ji
53 years old

Ji - ??? - has over 12 years of experience as PeopleSoft technical specialist. Involved at least 14 full lifecycle implementation and upgrade projects (Version 6.x, 7.x, 8.x and 9.x) as a technical consultant in the public, financial services, HR-Higher Education, manufacture and utilities sectors - Oracle PeopleSoft Certified High talent on sensitivity with people, have an above average understanding of most of cultural backgrounds. One of the best people person in this world. Have a passion for teamwork, success. I Keep my words positive; My words become my behavior. I Keep my behaviors positive; My behavior becomes my habit. I Keep my habits positive; My habits become my values. I Keep my values positive; My values become my destiny. ?????????, ?????????????????, ????????????, ??????, ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????5????? In his spare time, Ji takes up his once serious interest in black and white fine art photography. He uses several negative formats from tiny 35mm to 4x5 sheet film in a Wista SP and a Arca-Swiss F-Classic Compact 6X9 camera. Recently, he added a digital camera to his collection and is beginning to explore the added possibilities of digital photography. He also rides his motorcycle with sidecar when time allows - Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul. ??????????????????????? ! Specialties ERP / SaaS / Cloud Computing