will smith
Male, 63 years old

My personal focus is within the medical device arena. I possess a high level of interest in healthcare and find that the benefits of the products can really progress the future. Our vision is to be the absolute best Semiconductor & Clean Energy talent acquisition agency in the industry. Through a passion for sustainability, I branched into the clean energy and renewable chemical space. We recruit outstanding talent to design, develop, market and sell the most cutting-edge and innovative technologies on a global scale. Our clients range from stealth start-ups in Biomass to some of the largest top-tier, public Semiconductor companies in the world. We have developed excellent relations with some of the most brilliant minds on the planet, and will continue to aid the development of next-gen products and services. Looking forward to building a new relationship with you! Specialties Our core competency is bringing together the best technical talent in the world with the best opportunities in the top firms in the industry. Semiconductor, Hardware, Microbiology, Fermentation, Chemistry, Medical Device, Solar, as well as many others. We cover search, interest, screen, & deliver the top talent that exists rather than just the talent searching for work.