ward burton

The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation (WBWF) is a pioneer in environmental resource protection, habitat restoration, & environmental education. Ward Burton has dedicated his life to giving back to the next generation & taking care of our natural resources. Our Mission is to conserve America's land & wildlife through wise stewardship, & to educate children & adults concerning the natural resources that will shape America's future. In order to fulfill this mission, the WBWF works with government agencies, businesses, & communities across America, to develop environmental conservation programs & land management projects. The WBWF land, known as The Cove, is located in Halifax County, VA. The 2,000-acre tract is managed for wildlife conservation, habitat enhancement, & proper stewardship of its natural resources. It is recognized as a regional & national environmental model. Connect Program, created by WBWF, is an environmental education program designed to get students actively involved with the environment & the community. The program has 2 goals: encourage program participants to become aware of the environment & to groom participants for careers within the environmental fields. A direct program result - hundreds of students at all levels of education visit The Cove every year. WBWF Conservation Easements helps landowners to access programs that protect their land in perpetuity, allowing land to be passed down from generation to generation, with minimal financial impact, & endeavors to generate a positive environmental footprint. WBWF holds 10,000+ acres in conservation easements. The WBWF supports American heroes through annual events with a goal of promoting environmental awareness, & as a way of giving back to our American heroes. The events give our heroes the opportunity for a positive recovery, & allows them to explore their potential, while they participate in outdoor activities during the event. Specialties Ward Burton's name is synonymous with stock car racing & the environmental. He grew up in South Boston, VA, where he raced cars at his hometown track, South Boston Speedway. He began racing in the NASCAR Cup series in 1994, & today is considered one of NASCAR's all-time greats. During his racing career in NASCAR's elite series, he became the 44th winner of the Daytona 500 Championship title. Other winnings include 5 Nextel Cup wins, 24 Top 5 finishes, & 85 Top 10 finishes.