vladimir agafonkin
Male, 31 years old

Front-end developer, open source and open web standards enthusiast and one of the leaders in online maps industry. Creator of Leaflet, the number one open source solution for publishing maps on the Web (used by Flickr, foursquare, craigslist, IGN, Wikimedia Foundation, The Washington Post, OpenStreetMap, DPLA and many others). Developed lots of web applications and services, designed, created and maintained JavaScript libraries and APIs, contributed to open source projects, educated front-end engineers, spoke at numerous tech conferences. A big proponent of simplicity, attention to detail and continuous improvement not only in software design and development but also life in general. Areas of expertise - JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Online Maps, Open Source Experience highlights - HTML applications (using Transforms, Transitions, Application Cache, Geolocation, Local Storage, Cross-Origin Requests, File API, etc.) - front-end graphics programming (SVG, Canvas, VML) - implementing efficient algorithms in JS (computational geometry, cluster analysis, etc.) - developing for mobile web browsers (iOS, Android) - detailed performance profiling and optimization - single-page apps (Backbone, AngularJS) - API design, writing great documentation - building a vibrant open source community Frameworks experience - Backbone, AngularJS, Raphael, Highcharts, Underscore, Jasmine, Mocha, Sinon, Chai - jQuery jQuery UI, YUI, Ext JS, Twitter Bootstrap, Mootools, Prototype - Leaflet, Google Maps API, OpenLayers Other skills and concepts - OOP, design patterns, TDD, refactoring - progressive enhancement, accessibility - UX design, usability - server-side concepts (REST, ORM, routing, templating, etc.) Tools and misc. experience - Git, SVN for version control - GitHub (maintainercontributor workflow) - Node.js for scripting - Ruby, Ruby on Rails (years of hobby interest) - Flex, ActionScript ( year, worked on a complex map editing app) - CoffeeScript