victoria meyers

Licensed Architect specializing in work that is clean, modern, with a focus on natural materials and applications. hMa (hanrahanMeyers architects) is in the process of building a platinum LEEDS certified Community Center adjacent to Ground Zero in Manhattan. We specialize in residential, institutional, and commercial design. For 20 years hMa has created place-driven spaces for living and working. Our collaborative design process has produced award-winning designs featured at the Museum of Modern Art (Holley Residence), and in publications world wide. From corporate branding to unique customized designs for individual residences, hMa treats all projects as unique opportunities to enrich the lives of their clients by creating unique environments for working and living in natural and also highly polished and professional surroundings. Specialties Architecture; Design of award-winning buildings; Sustainable Design; Green Guidelines for business and government entities; Master Planning sites for residential and / or corporate development; City Master Plans; Urban Design; Campus Design for Institutions as well as for Corporations; Incorporation and integration of Landscape Design with Architectural Design; Specialized Lighting Design; branding and image design.