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Laura Harmon

Cottage Grove, OR

Also known as: InColorGallery

Raised in Valley City, North Dakota. Severely cold in the those long winters but other than the weather a rather gentle place to grow up.... the snow softens the hard edges. Neighbors have to be neighborly. You may need them when your snowed in at below.In my early 's I moved to Wyoming where I raised my children and a good deal of my work was commissioned. In I moved to Oregon to marry Chris. My name changed from Tegenu to Harmon and all things were new in work as well as family. One reason for blogging is simply to stay in touch and to satisfy my need to tell anyone who wants to listen .... what I learned today Painting is my passion and I will try just about anything. I've mastered some things, given up on others and made plenty of mistakes. What I've got to give away is a little bit of skill, lots of experience. What I get to keep is a thick skin, which is serving me well these days. I try not to take myself too seriously.

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