tom o'halloran
Male, 64 years old

America is on the decline. By any metric you choose to use, we are worse off than we have been in decades. I have taken to the airwaves to "Wake 'em up and Shake 'em up". On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at PM (pst), I host "Patriot Radio with Tom O'Halloran", bringing you stories from around the web, with my own commentary on the current events (most of the stories are ignored my main stream media.) On Fridays, again at PM (pst), I host "Jihad on America", where I pull back the mask of Islam, and talk about the Islamists in America. I share with you who they are, what they want, and why you SHOULD be afraid. My radio shows air on KCAA AM in Southern California, but all shows are available both live, and in archives on I STRONGLY recommend that you visit and listen to "The Muslim Brotherhood" and "Islam Is Not A Religion" shows. It is highly unlikely that you will look at Islam or Muslims the same ever again. Please tune in or listen to the shows on drop me your comments either on the website or via email at