tim yow
Male, 50 years old

"The first man gets the oyster, the second man gets the shell" - Andrew Carnegie This is true in much of life but especially when it comes to getting in front of a Google searcher. SEO, done right, can help assure that you enjoy the oyster and leave the shell for your competitors, and do so for long term. I recently checked a website I worked on in and has not received further optimization, since, and it is still enjoying page spots I obtained for them, way back then. WHAT I OFFER Consistent track record of obtaining page one rankings in Google for websites in a wide array of national and locally-based industries through ethical (white hat) and proven SEO strategy, combining on-site SEO development and link building. Extensive experience in Web Analytics, SEO Copywriting, Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Online Competitive Analysis, Web-based Project Management, Web Content SEO Strategy, SEO Auditing, Usability Auditing and Web Development Quality Assurance. Specialties SEO Development, SEO Copywriting, SEO Consulting, SEO Audits, WordPress SEO, Link Building, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing I'M ESPECIALLY LOOKING TO CONNECT WITH THE FOLLOWING . Marketing decision makers of new startups who know better than to neglect their web presence. . "Underdog" companies who are not okay with coming in second and being left with shells. . Key players in non-profit organizations who want to take every aspect of their current web presence to higher heights. . Agencies in the marketing arena that hope to fortify their online marketing SEO offerings through a strategic partnership with a skilled SEO expert. If that's you, let's talk