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Thomas Kramer – nickname TK – was born as full-blood double taurus (also with ascendent taurus) on the 27th of April in Frankfurt/Main (Germany). Father Willi Kramer (stock trader), TK's greatest idol! - mother, Ingeborg, TK's biggest fan! THE VISION: During a vacation in Miami Beach, TK flew with a helicopter over South Beach on New Year 1991/1992, as a vision met him like lightning: To realize that in New York seen, he had to create a NEW TOWN in Miami! Within weeks, TK moved to Miami and realized his dream, like everyone knows him today: The TK Towers of South Pointe - Portofino - Apogee - Murano - Icon - Yacht Club - Continuum At the same time, he created the exclusive Star Island - from the former garbage dump in Miami Beach. The ultimate crown jewel of the island was the creation of his private residence "5 Star Island". PAYING BACK: Moreover, TK is a noted philanthropist. The Thomas Kramer Foundation has supported many local and international charities with millions of dollars, such as: - Make-A-Wish - Kristi House - Red Cross He often donates use of his Star Island estate for charity events like the "Give a Lift for Paralysis Benefit" gala hosted by Paris & Nicky Hilton. RECENT ACTIVITIES: Today, TK is a global networker with over 100.000 friends & fans on Facebook and 82.000 Twitter followers. One of his success drivers is the new real estate brokerage firm, "Global Realty TK", based on his global network, his experience and connections to the real estate market Florida! He is currently developing huge real estate projects in Germany, Middle East, Pakistan and Brazil. Besides real estate activities, he is producing the first series of his US reality TV show since August 2011. Specialties FURTHER IMPORTANT PROJECTS are the launch of the TK's Miami App and the branding, selling and design of TK products: - TK mineral water - TK energy drink - TK fashion - TK spices, marinades & salad dressings - TK beachwear-line (e.g. bikinis, T-shirts, bath towels & casual wear) - TK cigars - TK lighters - Custom-made apartments, cars and boats designed by the TK team