thad cummins Exploratory Study (2010-Present) EconomicGPS uses the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a Global Positioning System to measure US Economic Policy success or failings. As a liberal arts major Mr. Cummins layers multiple perspectives into the big picture of the American Political Culture. Which he calls unified human condition theory. Twenty-first Century technical manipulation of the 17th Century system of checks and balances has driven ongoing war and incurred social accruals future generations will bear. Mr. Cummins advocates for structural re-engineering of Federal Expenditures to support Human Capital as best long term strategy to halt the US decline in GDP evident since 1981. Allowing business leaders to set policy will likely continue to undermine the ability of Americans to live in peace and prosperity. _____________________ RkM Technologies, Inc IT Engineering and Business Owner (1996 - 2010) Fourteen years in business as employee, president and owner. I have a solid understanding of the business community and it's operations. -12,000 hours registered with PMI ________ USTMAN Statistical Analysis in Oil and Gas Industry (1994 - 1996) As a Statistical Analyst for USTMAN Industries, Inc. I resolved a mathematical error in a data collection algorithm ensuring a new technology would enter the market and prevent environmental damage. _______ Colorado Governor's Office/ City of Aurora Project Manager: Human Capital and Urban Greening (1991-1994) Development of computer database and reporting technologies to manage 13 projects concurrently. Responsible for Federal reporting and project improvement analysis using quasi-experimental design methods based on natural sciences, ecology, soil science, biology, behavioral science, sociology, education, law enforcement, economics and psychology to drive project design. Specialties Business Operations, Project Management, Network Design, Statistical Analysis, Auditing, Management, Sales, Enterprise Solutions, Information Systems, SOX, Process Improvement, IT Due Diligence, Project Oversight, ITIL, PMP