teri rose

After a serious car crash where I experienced a "near death experience" and things too unnerving to talk about for many years, I began to study the power of the mind and beliefs with respect to accomplishing goals, especially with making money-a measure of success with most people. I studied people who BELIEVED they could make money since it became evident that beliefs have a lot to do with it. With much practice and experimentation, I became absolutely convinced that we have far greater impact on what happens than we could even imagine. I became fascinated by my ability to attract success with many goals, like making money, by creating a specific intention and emotional feeling. I learned that the feelings are always the thing to focus on and that once I got the feelings I wanted, there was no holding it back. The thing I was focused on and feeling good about somehow would come into my life. It was and still is like magic when it happens. If I wanted to make money for something, I discovered how to create the feeling of having money, as if it had already happened. Out of the blue, some opportunity would come along and there I was, making money. It always felt like Déjà vu.The interesting part was learning what I needed to do to get the feeling when it didn't come naturally. Once I understood that piece, my life's dream became to help others learn more about this process that was working so well for me. The primary concern of most people is making money and that thought can bring on feelings of fear and anxiety. And those feelings are the ones that tend to block success. It becomes a vicious cycle that must be stopped and I found the way to do that. And it involves common sense and simple techniques for living life by design instead of reaction to what life throws at you.If any of this interests you, I have some pretty amazing experiences that show the power we all have to create change. You can use my 7 stories as a model. Download them FREE at http://www.peaceofsuccess.c...,Making money is on the mind of most people and you might be missing a very important piece in acquiring and hanging on to it. Access your own power using techniques that you can use to make money and attract business to you. Discover the latest scientific research that shows the power and impact of subconscious beliefs and how they can work for or against your success. Learn how to make potential clients feel comfortable by creating a feeling before you approach them-because it is picked up subconsciously. Discover the power of positive emotions and the destructive nature of fear. Don't let your brain associate fear or lack with your business. Use your brain in a new way and develop a mind SET for wealth in every meaning of the word so you can realize true success. Learn cutting edge techniques to make doing business with you irresistible.