stephen anderson

I am married to Elisabet and we have three children, Louis, Henrik & Oscar.  Plus a dog, Bilko.I am a family law specialist.  My specialism is that I deal with divorce and relationship problems in a way which keeps cases away from the courts.  As a result of this, I cannot say that I have been involved in well known Court of Appeal cases like many experienced lawyers can, but I believe that is a measure of my success.My clients have complete control over their cases since they tend to choose mediation, collaboration or the co-operative law process to overcome their difficulties.  I work with financial neutrals and relationship & family counsellors where needed to help clients through the mire of emotional and financial worries.  The combination of my approach and assistance of these other professionals usually results in better outcomes at a lower cost. Can I prove this?  Well, I can tell you that during the last five years only one of my cases has involved the court process.  What I mean by that is that, apart from the divorce proceedings themselves, my clients' financial and children concerns have not resulted in proceedings issued by or against them, except once where the case then settled before the first court appearance.I am happy to provide a full service, or simply give advice or a second opinion, draft documents, or assist generally with any aspect of a case should my client wish to deal with the rest for themselves.So if you want your case handled with dignity; if you want to get a fair settlement; if you want to be able to be on good terms with your ex so  that you can be good co-parents; if you want to retain control of your case and avoid court; and if you want to pay less for your divorce than you paid for your wedding, please contact me for a chat.