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Top 100 Colleges and Universities

University of California Berkeley
University Of Florida
New York University
University of Texas
University Of Southern California
Florida State University
Central High School
University of California Los Angeles
Michigan State University
university of michigan
University Of Georgia
University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign
University Of Arizona
University Of Central Florida
University of Wisconsin - Madison
University Of Pennsylvania
Indiana University
Texas Tech University
University of Minnesota
University Of North Texas
Itt Technical Institute
Columbia University
University of North Carolina
University of Maryland
North High School
San Diego State University
University of California Davis
University Of South Florida
University of Colorado
University Of Chicago
George Washington University
University Of Iowa
Northwestern University
University Of Miami
Stanford University
Syracuse University
Tennessee State University
Yale University
Arizona State University
Duke University
University of California San Diego
University Of Notre Dame
Purdue University-Main Campus
Boston College
West Virginia University
University of California Irvine
University Of Oregon
San Francisco State University
Brigham Young University
Georgia State University
Tulane University
San Jose State University
Vanderbilt University
Middle Tennessee State University
Baylor University
Colorado State University
Wayne State University
University of California Santa Barbara
Washington State University
University Of Utah
Southern Methodist University
University Of Connecticut
University Of Delaware
California State University Sacramento
Western Michigan University
Ball State University
Texas A & M University At College Station
Pennsylvania State University
Iowa State University
University of Washington
East High School
State University of New York at Buffalo
University of Texas at Arlington
Ohio State University
University of Kansas
University Of Louisville
Oregon State University
Villanova University
Florida International University
American University
Portland State University
Illinois State University
Central Michigan University
Louisiana State University-System Office
East Carolina University
Lincoln High School
Kansas State University
University of Texas at San Antonio
University of South Carolina
Northern Arizona University
Washington High School
California State University Chico
Eastern Michigan University
University of Missouri
Florida Atlantic University
Georgia Southern University
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
University of Cincinnati
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Western Washington University
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