sean chambers

Chambers Business Consortium International (CBC Intl.) is the family owned and operated, multi-generational, umbrella company founded by Sean Chambers for the Chambers family of businesses. CBC Intl. is blowing the "dust" off Christianity by transforming its traditionally dull, dated, and seemingly-impersonal/irrelevant presentation to refreshing, envigorating, innovative, dynamic, impactful, and contemporary formats through its three subsidiaries consisting of CHRISTcentric International (CHRISTcentric Intl.), Be In Good Health International (BIG Health Intl.), and Royalty Divine Right International (RDR Intl.); all of which pursue the passions of its founder... biblical Christianity / knowledge & wisdom / soul-prosperity / health & wellness / biblical stewardship: spiritual, financial, assets, & environmental / Kingdom-minded blessings maximization / Kingdom-minded talents, gifts, & skills maximization / Kingdom-minded community development & revitalization / christian rights & anti-defamation advocacy / affluent benevolence & philanthropy / humanitarian outreach / and exquisite unique creativity & artistry. Specialties The propagation of the global proliferation of the Kingdom of God and the support/nurturing of the Christian lifestyle through various Kingdom business-ministry projects. Innovative holistic self-care, health & wellness, relaxation & revitalization products, and Green wellness-infused cleaning products & equipment as healthy alternatives for the home, community, & environment. Unique artistic items/Top-Rated/Energy Star Qualified merchandise. Quality/trendy/customized & personalized products.