satpal sharma
Male, 36 years old

In the ever-expanding field of Design, I am a keen and creative individual able to produce a variety of polished solutions to design tasks with a wide variety of media. I am self-motivated simply because I enjoy the visual creativity and design process, and have a keen interest in the latest technological developments in multimedia and the Internet. I am open-minded and capable of working effectively on my own or as part of a design team, with respect for other designer’s ideas and ways of working. I am constantly learning, absorbing, and progressing within the realm of electronic interactive communication, with a desire to push the existing technologies to the limit and produce audio/visual-stimulating products. Specialties Prototyping, Designing, Flash, Video, Special Effects, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Usability, User Interface, Human Factors, Storyboarding, Wireframes, Visual Design, RIA, Rich Internet Applications