samuel ackerman
Male, 31 years old

- Planning and managing user-centered design of mobile devices/applications, computer-based training, websites and software. - Planning, managing and conducting user recruitment, research and testing. - Designing and effectively delivering presentations and training to international audiences. - Developing user-centered product documentation and help systems. - Developing mutually rewarding team, client, vendor and partner relationships. - Building consensus through diplomacy, conflict resolution and interpersonal communication. - Developing winning proposals and consulting to improve creative services proposal templates. - Communicating effectively and appropriately with a deep understanding of cultural relativity. - Selling to and producing results for Fortune 50/500 companies. Specialties - Principles of user-centered design and managing processes to improve user-experience. - Research and testing - planning, recruiting, process management. - Cultural diversity and cross-cultural UX and UI design. - Feng-Shui/Chinese Medicine Principles in Business Contexts: "Five Elements/Meridian Theory," the human energy field & their role in reducing stress and enhancing the health, harmony and productivity of teams/employees/students. - Social Enterprise/Business as Agent for Social Change.