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After several years as a medical technologist at Union Memorial Hospital, I entered public health as Laboratory Coordinator for the Baltimore City Health Department - Bureau of Disease Control. This position lead to a career opportunity related to my professional focus... medical laboratory training. My professional goal is to help others understand how and why various laboratory procedures are performed in the identification of microorganisms commonly associated with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) andor sexually transmitted infections (STIs) . As a result, this opportunity has lead to additional opportunities in laboratory consulting, international health, internet technology, D technology, and HIV prevention (another story in itself). The laboratory consulting lead to assignments as a national medical lab instructor, and an international medical consultant. Various "field" assignments enabled me to work with other laboratorians in Turkey, Kenya, Egypt, and Uganda. In the late s, I participated in my first two-way transatlantic (USA to Egypt) distance training class via telescript. An exciting experience These assignments were challenging but rewarding experiences. Plus they prepared me for future career opportunities. My interest in laboratory science and technology lead to opportunities beyond the physical state through my Virtual Laboratory Training, Career Recruitment and Retention Project which integrates real life laboratory activities into virtual worlds. It is felt that the qualities and training as a medical technologist prepared me for a "career path" beyond the imagination of a "very shy" student who decided upon a laboratory career in the tenth grade of high school. I have embraced each opportunity to connect, reach, serve, and share. "For this is The path that was given..." Specialties STDSTI laboratory training, microscopic examinations, brightfield microscopy, infectious disease prevention, reproductive health, laboratory career promotion, social media marketing, virtual world technology, virtual world marketing, community mobilization, HIVAIDS prevention, health education, health awareness promotion, website designing, blogging, motivational speaking