ryan choyeski

Currently, I'm a Senior Account Executive for Zcalo Group, an online word-of-mouth marketing company in Chicago. I have worked with various clients such as Frito-Lay, Dove, AXE Hair, Cricket Wireless, Aircell, Kodak and more. I have experience using social media resources to build professional and lasting relationships with consumers, bloggers, and experts in various fields developing strong sustainable word-of-mouth and brand evangelism, moderating Twitter and Facebook outlets, developing dynamic websites, employing relational databases and server-side scripting languages. I have used online tools and metric systems to create thorough analysis and campaign strategies for websites as well. Specialties Video Production, Video Editing, SEO, SMO, Digital Engagment Reporting and Analysis, Weekly Conversation Reports and Analysis, Influencer and Eminence Research and Engagement, Blogging, Social Media Management, Community Management, Copywriter, Social Media Correspondence