ryan allis
Male, 33 years old

Passionate entrepreneur focused on making a big difference in the world. My life purpose is to be part of creating a sustainable and prosperous world for all people. - CEO Co-Founder of Connect, San Francisco, CA (-present) - Angel investor via Connect Ventures, an investment fund with private investments in companies including SpaceX, LendingClub, Change.org, Cambrian Genomics, Ark, Off-Grid Electric - Co-Founder and curriculum developer at Hive, a training program for purpose-driven leaders - - CEO and Co-Founder of iContact (-), acquired by Vocus in Feb (NASDAQVOCS) for M - Author of Zero to One Million (McGraw-Hill, ) - Author of The Startup Guide Creating a Better World Through Entrepreneurship (StartupGuide.com) - U.S. State Department Representative to Cairo, Egypt for NexGenIT, July - National Co-Chair, Technology for Obama May -Nov - United Nations Foundation Global Entrepreneur Council, - - Harvard Business School, Section F, - - Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School Leadership Institute, Spring - Summer@Highland member, Summer Connect - httpwww.connect.com Connect Ventures - httpwww.connectventures.com Hive - httpwww.hive.org Startup Guide - httpwww.startupguide.com Blog httpwww.ryanallis.com Twitter httpwww.twitter.comryanallis Active Angel Investments SpaceX, LendingClub, Cambrian Genomics, Ark, SendHub, Change.org, Soma Water, Bold Academy, Hydros Water, GroupTie, SpringMetrics, CityPockets, Close.com, HourlyNerd, Bold Academy, Pengo Loans, Off-Grid Electric, ThinkImpact, Village Energy I love talking to entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors, designers, engineers, and all those working to create a better world. Somewhere along the way became a CEO passionate about using business and tech for good. My investing focus is renewable energy and mobile software. Right now, I'm spending my time building Connect, Connect Ventures, and Hive.org in SF.