ron knight
Male, 44 years old

Global Properties, Licensing and Development of Product Brands, Entertainment Franchises and Media Communications across consumer industrial sectors. International market planning for export brands from the USA into global media markets, inbound from international markets into the USA. Properties placed through traditional Media, New Media, Green Media. Distribution for In Home Entertainment DVD and disc markets - out of home digital signage network markets. Branding capabilities for established brand sponsorships. Provider for Delta On Air In Flight Entertainment, Special Venue and Location Based Media and Retail outlets. Specialties Career branding highlights: The national "voice" announcer for Nickelodeon, The Travel Channel, ABC Sports, Sirius, national media brands, Disney and Universal Attractions, other robots, AT&T tele-prompt systems. Negotiation of contract points in media & market usage, term establishment, support in agency negotiations, representation & acquisition. Knowing "keynotes" to motivate the largest, lowest common denominator and sub markets to accept and buy, on swiftest approaches to evoke change.