rolf biernath
Male, 54 years old

Experienced, versatile, and creative technical leader with demonstrated productivity in (1) inventing novel solutions to meet customer needs in a wide range of fields, (2) driving rapid, multidisciplinary development of those solutions, and (3) working with customers, suppliers, and integrators to bring new inventions to market. Over 20 US patents issued in a wide range of disciplines. Numerous patents currently being prosecuted. Most of these US patents have international filings as well. For more info on Patents, see web links above. Optical tools used: TracePro, LightTools, Zemax, OSLO. Data Analysis and Mathematical Modeling with MATLAB and Excel. Specialties Creative front end, inventing and problem solving, integrating a large variety of technologies and disciplines to drive the inventions toward commercialization. Quick prototyping and reductions to practice leading to assessment and optimization. Patents and Intellectual Property Protection. Optical films, materials, modeling and metrology, Solar Optical system design. Systems Integration, Multidisciplinary collaboration and problem solving. Team Leadership. TRIZ Specialist.