robyn lee

WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MANY FOOD PHOTOS? I write a food blog and I work at Serious Eats. Yeup. If it helps to whittle down the photos, I tag my favorite ones as...favorite. It cuts down on the food photos. I like taking photos of things that don't move. PHOTO USE POLICY You can use my photos (unaltered except for resizing, 500 px or smaller) in your blog as long as you link back to my flickr page, specifically the individual pages for the photos you're using, and the link must appear on the main page of the site (not below a jump). It doesn't matter if you're running a personal blog or commercial blog. You don't have to ask me first. This only applies to blogs, not websites that aren't blogs. However, I'll ban you from using my photos if you're using too many of them (for example, 10 in one week = NO), not attributing them correctly, or altering them. If you're a blogger and want to use my photos in any other way, just contact me and ask! You cannot use my photo in a print publication (or any non-blog media, including websites that aren't blogs) or video/TV show without asking me first. If your publication is non-profit you can probably use my photos for free. If your publication isn't non profit, you better be willing to offer something, mostly money, money, or money. It's unlikely that I will let you use my photos if you don't give me a copy of whatever you're printing, so if you're not willing to offer that much, don't even ask me. Just because I'm not a professional doesn't mean these photos don't take considerable time, effort and money to shoot/edit. I'm just putting this out there since I've gotten some strange requests in the past. Seriously, you can't give me a copy of what you're printing? OKAY THAT'S IT, I THINK. --- I don't take good photos; I just take a hell of a lot of them. Quantity versus quality, yesm? I don't aspire to be a professional photographer. You probably need more brain cells than I have to do that. --- I'm on Facebook so if you're into that...HOORAY. Maybe., I've got that too. And Here is my list of (too many) blogs: the girl who ate everything - food blog updated with photos, links, or food-induced woes the oh so quiet show - music blog with concert reviews and mp3s every so often (or not very much) and gushing about whatever music I happen to like at the moment livejournal - oh god, it's livejournal. Take a look into the heart of my madness! - it's pretty much dead now but there's some random old crap you might find interesting. As you can see, I have a gazillion photos...way too many. If you're looking for something in particular (a restaurant, type of food), you're best off searching through my tags. Otherwise, browse through the calendar and you'll find...FOOD. YES.