robert west
Male, 65 years old

I am an engineer. I started working in the power industry over years ago. At that time I worked in nuclear and fossil fuel power plant design. Although I still work in the nuclear and fossil fuel industries, I realize that we must change the way we generate power. That is to say we must switch to clean renewable energy like wind and solar power. We will save our planet in this fashion. I am also an artist,and a single father. (my youngest son is eightteen) I am a gourmet cook, and I try to use organic products for meal preparation. We must switch to alternative energy sources now in the form of clean renewable energy. We have no choice, our species will not survive. Specialties engineer, estimator, researcher, jet pilot, technical writer, project manager, technical illustrator, liaison (government or private industry), artist (cartoonist, caricatures, D artwork and design), CAD specialist, CAE specialist, teacher, gourmet cooking