rickey white

RJWthe #PartialGuru, a Quintessential Gentleman. the Strategist. a Born Leader. the Business Man. a former Entertainment Lobbyist. And the Gadget Techie. CONNECT. ENGAGE. BE SOCIAL. twitter.comrjaywhitejr instagram.comrjaywhitejr facebook.comrjaywhitejr I am a seasoned results-driven professional with over years in diverse business experience across a wide spectrum of digital marketing, branding, and social media with a solid grounding in operational management best practices. Throughout the years I have continuously increased my comprehensive knowledge of project management, consumer insight, and strategic innovation. While demonstrating strong results-orientation and the ability to adapt comfortably from strategy to operations, education and deployment activities. My resolve goes beyond process to create and foster a "culture of excellence" within an organization or teamI am viewed as a transformational change agent within marketing strategies to synthesize insights and present findings effectively to drive traction for the bottom line. Acting as an innovator of new practices, media buying types, formats, technologies methods of communicating to optimize the customer experience and produce a digital ROI, by matching emerging platforms with stakeholders, andor leveraging existing partnerships to drive this forward. By leading your internalexternals team(s) in an optimizing approach to brand engagement that optimizes performance and creates synergies across markets and communication programs. All while managing, motivating, and inspiring the key partnersagenciesvendors to deliver outstanding results the organizations brand needed to accomplish the agreed upon digital strategy and plan. The purpose is to translate that process in a way that aligns with business goals and deliver measurable results. You will find pride in the methods of how I go about handling competing priorities under pressure while maintaining a sense of humor.