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• Business development specialist; VP of the world’s oldest and largest business development club: CEO Space. From early stage companies, through ongoing, multi-million dollar concerns, we work with them all. Taking their bottom line to the next level • Learn from, network with, and have meals with Fortune 500, 100, and 50 trainers and consultants. • Learn the language of capital: what is it that attracts an investor. It’s not what you think it is! • My expertise in working with companies, to bring them to the next level. • Branding, brand identity, licensing, marketing, capital development, financing, channel markets, joint venture agreements, and so much more. • Shorter time to market, powerful teamwork, saves tens of thousands of dollars. • Discover The Secrets of Empowering Communication and Negotiation • In just a few hours you can take your communication skills, and your negotiating skills and strategies to the next level • Be the expert in all you communication, and negotiation • Always interested in exploring ways to help people discover their magnificence Specialties • Language • Presentation • Excellence • Business development