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Male, 54 years old

Wondering who is Rich DiGirolamo Here's a sampling of my responses I'm Nasal Decongestant for Stuffy Meetings - you know, the content-rich fun part of your meeting desperately needed with all that technical stuff I'm the Founder, Inc. Recess At Work Day (You should work with people who have implemented ideas) I work tirelessly to make others look good And here's why you're here Youre here cuz its time for your meeting attendees to expand their minds hear new ideasinformation from a non-industry speaker on how to get motivated excited about work Youre here cuz its time for your group to change the way they've been doing business, stop using platitudes and buzz words, and start doing things to get people talking about you your business Youre here cuz your meeting attendees are begging for useful easy to implement ideas on teamwork, communication, leadership and marketing that work in any industry Youre here cuz your conference attendees want a motivational keynote speaker presenter who is fun and interactive versus being insulted by having PowerPoint presentations read to them as they dream of poking out their eyes with the plastic forks from your boxed lunch So whether its a keynote motivational speaker, training or coaching I will work tirelessly to infuse a newrenewed spirit into how your employeesteamboard do business. Lets get people excited about their work again. And I'll follow up to make sure they've implemented. Shaking your head yes Jumping up and down Get in touch, silly Give em a Recess A break from the way they work and think. A break to become more interesting and create memorable customer experiences. That's what I'll deliver. Interesting and fun workshops, trainings and keynotes that will excite people about ther work. Some examples are Recreation and Parks, Leisure and Fitness, Health Care Organizations, Nursing Groups, State Agencies, and Nursing Homes, oh and those Fortune types too.