reuben gomez
Male, 35 years old

vERSITYLE rACING pROJECT...... We've come along ways fellas! From nothing to something! We've hit da East Bay now lets hit all across N. Kali! I know my car has changed at least 3 times since i been in the crew. But yall know i finally found a new 4 door baby! R.I.P 92 JDM Accord, 91 CRX SI. We've become a family yall, and we are all brothers now weither we like it or not! We have all done huge favors for one another, some more than others, and have made sacrifices for VRP! Much love to all my members. Thanks for all the help fellas. To my boyz: Benj- JL Audio and Amp still waiting for ya....MarbinLaden - VRP baby bro, don't trip you'll get your car soon youngster.....PREZ "MAD SCIENTIST"- I think i got an an old Nokia 3950 or whatever model number that stupid thing was, so you can finally answer our calls, DLDLDL......DA6.....DLDLDL........... Carlo "Buff BOY"- Don't trip man, everything will work out, time may look ruff right now but things will work out some way or some how, and damn it boy raise your car quit dumpin da shit to da floor, J/K............."Darky" Marcky- My partner in crime, not much to say but "Let me bum a cig, lolz" J/K..... TEAM VERSITYLE.................. To My Family: I love you guyz to death. I don't know were i would have ended up without you guyz and Carla in my life. Funny how things change in your life! Watching my two beautiful nieces grow up to be beautfil bratz! To my Ates no matter what obstacles we face as brother and sister nothing can tear us apart, we have proven this time and time again. To my two brothers, thanks for guiding me in this life, and teaching me everything i know. To my beautiful bratz, I love you two as if you were my own daughters. I have watched both you grow up and still am to this day, no day will pass were you don't hear from me or play fight with your Uncle. I love you two with all my heart, may your innocents always stay with you as you grow older. Last but no least, My beautiful wife. I love you with all my heart, you have just the same amount of affect on my life, if not more, than my family. You have taught me so much, and i'm still learning from you. I never thought i would be married, but being married to you has been a life changing experience. Not a day goes by were i don't worry about you, or think about you. No matter what we went through in our relationship, we always found our way back. I look forward to waking up with you every morning, saying goodnight to you before we sleep, scratching your back so you can fall asleep, etc, etc. I LOVE YOU!