ray curley

National Sales Manager Food Service for Mooney Farms. Located in Chico, California, Mooney Farms is independently owned and positions itself in the Food Industry as an inovative company that has a passion for quality and perfection in their food processing. Operated a National Franchise Restaurant Chain as an Area Developer, operator and Independant owner. In 4 years sold 14 locations and drove sales to approximately $11million annually. Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing for GiaRussa Italian Foods located in Youngstown, Ohio. Experienced ownership as a minority owner in a family owned business. Utilized the overall Sales & Marketing education from Pepsi and introduced Hall of Famer, Miami Dolphin Quarterback,Dan Marino as National Spokesman to build GiaRussa Brand Recoginition. Enjoyed over 16 years at Pesi Cola in Pittsburgh. Experience in both Food Service and Retail channels.Local and National Account experience added to my insight on business at all levels. Sales and Marketing and sales management lead my priority with the time I was working with Pepsi. Strong Interpersonal Skills. Ability to build rapid relationships to all levels of business.Strong motivator and coaching skills learned through years of experience. Specialties Ability to maintain and build Strong Business Relationships. Utilize leadership and management skills to strengthen core of sales and marketing teams while maintaining focus on growing sales. Sucessfully Negiotiated a 10 year contract with NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, Dan Marino, in 1996 to represent Giarussa Italian Foods as the National spokesman.(Youngstown, Ohio Corporation)