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Project Management & Account Management have been the area where I have worked in almost my entire life. I imagine that working a relationship as a 6 year old with a swimming coach who saw potential in me (and all I wanted was to play in the pool) got me off the ground. 10 000 hours in the pool and I was in University, applying this to my lecturers, stressing the importance of sports (I was on Scholarship) and studies being balanced. I started my first business at University and sold that before taking some time off and moving to Cape Town, where I continued managing relationships for a living. Improved sales, new markets, maintenance of current markets, upselling, removing stress off development teams and keeping business teams happy. Those are the key skills I have been applying since I moved to Cape Town in 2004. I love every aspect of what I do and love working on powerful projects with powerful teams, making it happen and getting it done. Specialties Branding, Relationships, Marketing, Storyteller & Connector of People.