philip hotchkiss
Male, 48 years old

Philip Hotchkiss is a startup veteran who has also advised companies on business strategy and new product development. Phil has unique experience, insight and passion for digital product offerings provided to businesses for the mutual benefit of the business and its consumers. He demonstrated this as the founder and CEO of BigCharts in . BigCharts became the worldwide standard in online financial charting for self-directed investors by serving its application to the worlds leading online brokerage and financial media companies. BigCharts was acquired by CBS, Inc. after which Hotchkiss served as its president and a member of its board of directors. Phil continued his startup journey as the CEO of Talkingpoint, and most recently, as the Chief Product Officer at both Klout and Get Satisfaction. Phil brought SaaS applications and platform based solutions to markets rich in consumer engagement yet focused on delivering business value to companies ranging from small businesses to top Fortune brands across a variety of industries. Hotchkiss is an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner.