pete kistler
Male, 30 years old

In I had an online identity crisis. After getting rejected from several job openings, I finally learned why employers were Googling me and mistaking me for criminals with the same name. My only option was to spend thousands of dollars on a reputation firm to fix my problem, but as a recent college grad with , in student loans, I couldn't afford it. I was frustrated and didn't know where to turn. Luckily I was able to team up with my co-founder Patrick Ambron who had a background in Search Engine Optimization. I discovered how to make my own results "search engine friendly" so that they would rise up and eventually bury the other Pete Kistlers. After months of effort, I finally buried the other Pete Kistler off the first page of Google results. Although my problem was solved, Patrick and I hated the fact that reputation firms purposely mystified the Search Engine Optimization process - and overcharged customers for something they could easily do themselves if they simply had a platform that educated and empowered them to do so. So we decided to put the power of SEO in everybody's hands, regardless of how tech savvy or wealthy they might be. My co-founders (Patrick Ambron and Evan Watson) and I put together a team, raised venture capital and launched BrandYourself, a free product that makes it easy for anyone to control their own results. PRESS BIO Named one of the Top Young Startups in the U.S. by the White House Named one of the Top College Entrepreneurs of by Entrepreneur Magazine Named the Young Entrepreneur of by the Small Business Association Named the # Emerging Tech Business in New York by New York State Named one of the Top Most Innovative Startups in the World by the Kairos Society). Specialties Product design, user experience, usability, online reputation management, personal branding.