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Driven by developing innovative applications and creating the next generation in voice driven applications through the use of innovative platform and application tools. Has been significantly involved in the developement of a global, multi-million pound ASP.Net based enterprise-level fraud detection application used by many of the worlds finance, insurance and telecoms companies for the worlds largest credit reference agency. Previously Delivered key architectural changes to the solutions to ensure that the system is loosely coupled to the database architecture using a Domain Driven Entity Model supported by a custom Domain Specific Language Modelling tool that automatically builds several core layers of the solution. Lead several key projects which would typically involve liaising with clients and key business stakeholders and responding to their needs; formulating system requirements and developing use cases and story boards for the systems analysts; designing and developing the software from the specifications and delivering the software to the test teams and production environments; managing and mentoring team members for solution delivery. Lead teams of developers to increase the quality and stability of the product. Tasks included: allocation of defects and enhancements to the team members with appropriate skill sets; management of timelines and delivery estimates; managing the quality of output from the team. Over the past three years I have lead several innovative initiatives to ensure the product remained ahead of the competition, including: A new approach to Matching Engines, Collaborative Fraud Detection, Bayesian Analysis, Graph Theoretical Fraud Detection and promoting a Service Orientated Architecture. Specialties Telecoms Software, Finance, Software development, Innovative Social Media software development, Software Architecture, Software Performance planning, XML, Html, ASP.Net, mvc