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My name is Niels Roscher and I am a character TD. I create character and prop rigs for animated feature films, visual effects for live-action features and commercials in Autodesk Maya and ds Max. Apart from that I also develop tools for the rigging pipeline in MEL, Python and MaxScript. I've worked on feature film productions including multiple locations which allowed me to supervise teams in Mumbai, India, Peking, China and Sophia, Romania. I've also had the chance to work in London and Abu Dhabi. Feature films I've worked on Live-Action Iron Man Ronin Gravity Wrath of the Titans Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows Johnny English Reborn Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Journey The Mysterious Island Feature Animation Laura's Star and the Dream Monsters Laura's Star and the Mysterious Dragon Nian Jasper Journey to the End of the World Specialties Character, Creature, Rigging, Character Setup, MEL, MaxScript, Maya, ds Max,