nick hill
Male, 42 years old

Thanks for checking out my profile I work with Senior Managers in businesses responsible of sales and account management functions. We work together to design interventions that improve sales performance for businesses. Typical results range from - increases over months. Do have a look at my testimonials from clients who will verify that I can definitely - Increase sales for your business - Enhance internal and external communication effectiveness - Improve confidence in the organisation - Improve management style and effectiveness in alignment with company values and culture - Change individual mindset and attitudes to meet the demands of challenging environments - Give Senior Managers 'confidence' that the team are working to optimum output levels - Increase employee productivity - Develop KPI and activity management structures in alignment with business objectives - Get your sales people asking for their targets to be increased - Give Sales People communication tools that strengthen relationships and win more business. - Equip business leaders with attributes that progress them further towards personal goals. Clients sectors include Banking, Automotive, IT, Accountancy, Legal, Telecomms, Recruitment Consultancy, HR Looking to connect with company Directors, Training Managers, HR Directors, LD Directors and Managers, Sales People, and those INTERESTED and SERIOUS about learning ADVANCED communication skills and the use of 'psychology tools' that dramatically improve personal and employee business effectiveness. Specialties Business Leader Development Strategies, Leadership Development, Sales Training, KPI Development, CRM Consultancy, Presentation Training, Train the Trainer, Employee Development Strategies