misty hofstetter
Female, 37 years old

Misty is a leader in the Online Marketing Industry. She provides training and tools to not only businesses that have a product and want more real estate online, but also to students looking to do better in their current Online Businesses. The Online Entrepreneurs in the MLM and Network Marketing industry come to her for education regarding how to produce leads that chase you (No More Buying Leads), training on free and paid methods of marketing (their current business does not give them), or they are simply looking to find a better opportunity. Misty personally mentors a select group of Serious, Forward Thinking, Like Minded Entrepreneurs that want a Home Based Business. This business is not for everyone, so to even be considered requires an application process. This process ensures that you are qualified to be in the elite marketing group, and that you have what it takes to move your life forward. If you want to apply then you must contact her for more information. To find out more about what Misty Does: Follow Her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/MistyHofstetter Become Friends on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MistyHofstetter Specialties I am a Maverick on Google and I use/teach Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Article Marketing, YouTube, and much more