mike dwyer
Male, 46 years old

Being a Strategist and Tactician in Talent Acquisition, there are three things that keep me up at night #) More than million Americans identified themselves as self-employed consultants, freelancers and temps, a number that is expected to grow to million by . #) There is an alarming shortage of skilled talent across industries with a tremendous focus on the hyper competitive STEM marketplace. #) Social media has arrived at the forefront of how people and organizations communicate, connect, refer, hire, sell and unfortunately complain. As you can see my top three can be viewed as challenges andor opportunities based on you and your organizations perspective. Im a passionate and disruptive Talent Acquisition and Social Recruitment executive with extensive experience in Recruitment, Technology, BE Marketing, Employment Brand and HR consulting. Ive consulted and recruited for Fortune Human Resource and Marketing organizations, delivering strategy and tactics on how to best engage internal employees, targeted candidate groups, clients and prospects via social media and other on and offline channels. Mantras Community engagement is driven by content and two-way dialogue. Online communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google , Pinterest and many others enable online conversation largely driven by content that should create value for your target audience. HR is the new marketing The emergence of new media is enabling employees to have their voices heard on a larger stage. Think of engaging employees and candidates in the same way you craft a consumer marketing strategy, though rather than securing buy-in for laundry detergent, you are selling a employee referrals, career opportunities and market awareness. Measure, measure, and measure Creating benchmarks to measure campaign engagement is critical to success. If it's not measurable, then it cannot be improved. Specialties Mike Dwyer Social Media, Marketing, HR Communications, Executive Recruitment, Personal Branding, Strategy and Business Development, Sales, Trainer, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Video Development, YouTube, Social Media Strategy, Illinois, Speaker, Writer, Chicago Sales Training, Recruiter Training, employment branding, marketing campaign, Social media consulting, content development, Director, employee engagement, Social Recruitment Workshop, improviser, New York City, San Francisco