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I'm a Professional Photographer, currently located in Dallas, TX. I specialize in Portraits, Boudoir, and Headshots.For actors and models I've recently started a new service on my web site that list auditions and casting calls in the Dallas area. It will save you HOURS of time searching the listing via the web.I used to play a lot of music, but I switched gears and now I focus my professional side on photography.I love to help people and see people achieve their dreams.I teach indoor Cycle Classes and I've helped raise money for Leukemia research by riding my first Century for Team in Training.My dog is named Cooper. He won't walk forward out of an elevator. I don't know why. I'll show you sometime.I've lived in lots of places and I love Chicago and San Diego.I firmly believe that Kristin Center is a Superstar and the rest of you just don't know it yet. I work with her every day and it's one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.,Things I Find Funny, Disturbing, Inspirational, and Observations about the World At Large. Oh, and since I'm also a photographer, I guess I'll talk a little about that too; Portraits, Boudoir, and Headshots. Let's Get Started...