michael goodman
Male, 47 years old

Michael D. Goodman, with over years in business and sales experience has created over the last years, USSalesForce, a sales consulting organization, The American Sales Academy, a training ground for entry level, consultative sales people, and AzSalesPros, a professional association for sales people. Today Michael acts as the Executive Director of AzSalesPros and is working specifically to build Education and Certification for Sales People around the country. Michael is the author of the Solomon Sales System and believes that the sales effort is often the unsung, underserved hero of the American Free Enterprise System. Michael says, "when done right, sales is the most fun of any career choice and the most lucrative. When done poorly it can be the worst nightmare." Specialties Michael D. Goodman has signifciant experience in sales, sales force development, sales management, and executive sales strategy development. Michael is proficient in Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Recruiting, Accountability and Process for Sales Professionals.