melissa mitchell
Female, 41 years old

Connect with me on LinkedIn using . All invitations to Connect Welcome, I will not IDK. Melissa Ann Mitchell from Studio Interactive is the owner and director of a leading Hamptons web design and marketing agency. We have worked succesfully with many local and global business owners, with custom design WordPress sites, to mobile APPS and eCommerce solutions that are affordable. Melissa is a social media marketing coach and has has an educational background in Writing and Literature, Teaching, Educational Administration, Technology and is completing her pHd in Global Leadership. Melissa has always integrated technology in everything that she does and more recently has stumbled upon the power of Social Media Marketing, Blogging and SEO. Traditional marketing, like Newspaper marketing, is just simply not giving people the return on investment that they are looking for, which is why people are moving towards Social Media Marketing to grow a network of loyal followers and ultimately, loyal customers. Learn More about how you can Build your Business Using Facebook, Twitter, Google and Cutting Edge Web Design at and