melissa davis
Female, 31 years old

me? you want to know me? really? im impressed! most people get too intimidated for some strange clue y. er... My name is Melissa, and i am an 18 year old girl who is obsessed with almost anything to do with sci-fi or fantasy. I am hyper and insane, and tend to scare my friends sometimes. I got my boss at the movie theater to call my best friend Laura "fred"..her last name in german means fred, so it caught on...later i became george, so now we call eachother that and drive our families insane with that too....we are even working on some lines to say in unison...though it usually happens naturally anyway. strange that. I am a nice peoson, i feel, though when i first meet people face to face, i am really shy and dont talk ppl tend to think that i am a stuck up little B**ch. but....once you break through my'll never regret it unless i decide you are torture worthy. (tell you later) I dont really get too hyper until i am tired, so....just drop it there. though if i have had any form of sugar when i am awake...same reaction as if i am tired.....that includes the sugar in fruit...insane! i know. ill let you go now, and sto boring you. see you later!