meiyang chang
Male, 25 years old

Im a Buddhist but I don#t believe in clashes amp wars due to religion. I like people with a dry sense of humor, people who are sarcastic, quick witted amp like to flirt. I love food and I love my friends. If you cook something for me amp I don#t say a thing, it means its really good - because I won#t have my mouth free to praise it. Ive been accused of being insensitive, and my face is NOT an open book. The only time you can make out what Im going through is when Im angry, otherwise I can keep people guessing Ive always been a person who communicates best in writing. And a blog gives me that outlet to express myself, a medium for ruminations going through my head which may be on different levels of significance. Im always game for a little adventure. I still love cartoons like Calvin amp Hobbes and Tom amp Jerry, and will continue to do so no matter how old I grow. I hate liars, hypocrites amp people who believe that life is time-pass. My greatest fear Drowning Because thats the closest Ive come to dying, more than once. I also believe that girls are the biggest mystery in the world and it is beyond the capacity of us mere mortals to solve this mystery