martin caniff
Male, 64 years old

Specializing in software development in digital video technology. Includes set-top box technology, embedded software development, MPEG, bitstreams, middleware, broadcast equipment. Also specializing in software development in the Smart Grid Space. This includes Software development for Smart Meters, communications, and utility back office infrastructure. Working on the "in home" side side of the meters, we work on software integrating utility meters with appliances. Solekai is focused on customer satisfaction through excellence in project and program management. We deliver on time, and on budget. Specialties Cable, Satellite, DVB, IPTV set-top box, MPEG, DVR trick play, DVB, HD, ATSC, Video on demand VOD, Switched digital video SDV, SCTE, SOC: Broadcom, ST, Intel, Tendril NXP, Linux Drivers & Kernel, CableLabs, EBIF, OCAP, FlashLite/AS2, Encryption, Bluetooth, DRM (Microsoft Playready, Intertrust Marlin, Adobe Flash Access), Conditional Access Smart Grid Infrastructure, AMI, AMR, Electric power grids, water, gas, communication, Generation, distribution, demand response, Utilities, Smartgrids