mark cox

I#m passionate about effective community development practice amp the empowerment of marginalised groups.I#m grateful for the inspiring people amp places I have learnt from. Over the past few years I have trekked to the wondrous Machu Picchu, bungee jumped in New Zealand, danced with Maasai tribesmen in Kenya, cycled around Central Park, held an anaconda in the Amazon, went underground the most dangerous mine in Bolivia, studied while at school in Germany, celebrated the Hindu festival of colour Holi in Delhi, was mugged in Rio de Janiero, presented at a Ministerial Conference in Mauritius, won a tribal dancing contest in Malawi, fell into the Ganges river, fed hyenas in Ethiopia, had a White Christmas in Boston, stared down gorillas in Rwanda, met my sponsored child in Uganda, helped start a disability support organisation in Lilongwe, fished for piranhas in the Pantanal, spotted the Big in the Serengeti, attended a Roman wedding, belly danced in Dubai, met my favorite rock band The Killers, uncovered Inca artefacts while ploughing land with an ox in Peru (seriously), was proposed to in an Indian village, swam in pools atop the Victoria Falls and have had a ball while doing it