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“Life has two guarantees; a date of birth and a date of death. It’s the dash in between where we make our mark in history.” -Marc D Birnbach Born September 1, 1973 in New Rochelle, New York, Marc has was destined for greatness and success. His career highlights include essential roles in the music business as an EMMY Award winning music supervisor for the ABC Television Networks/Walt Disney Company. Birnbach started his career on the “highway in the sky” as a Mark VI Walt Disney Monorail Pilot and moved over to acting where he was a featured extra in Adam Sandler’s “The Water Boy” and in Touchstone’s “Armageddon.” He would spend the next 12 years back in Brooklyn, New York extending his music career and networking himself as a connector deeply into the entertainment industry in many vital roles. Birnbach was accredited for his role as the Music Director of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics Games for CBS Sports and self started Avenue Z Productions, LLC a full service video production company that has fully produced music videos for major music labels, an international independent documentary film on gypsy culture in Granada, Spain, and which now produces videos for the CBS Radio Networks. Birnbach still provides services in music placement for film & television, manages music artists, and is a live concert photojournalist for a multitude of media outlets. He has a masters in music business (Berklee) and certifications in Japanese Translation & Interpretation, Digital Theory/ Post-Production (NYU) & a B.A. for Communication & Broadcasting (LIU CW Post) Specialties Live Concert Photojournalism, Photo/Video Production, Music Business Management, Music Placement, Music Supervision.