madonna kash
Female, 50 years old

All about food service sales and marketing. I've worked in all aspects of the industry from front and back of the house, distribution, manufacturer, marketing, brokerage and nonprofits. Marketing has always been a passion and utilizing the Internet to market products and services just made sense to me. I understood the value of using technology for supporting a sales force as well the easier it was for them to access information, samples and support, the more sales were made. Restaurant Marketing Partners was developed as many products and services within food service are direct sales. Creating a brokerage company to represent them in the field in combination with industry knowledge and experience was a good fit. The addition of social media marketing and web based tools and technology brings value to our restaurant operators. For food service companies, using today's technologies will make a huge difference in sales and customer loyalty, the ultimate goal. We all want sales and solid relationships both of which are earned I am here to do my part to earn both. You can contact me direct at Madonna Kash Specialties Food Service Marketing Food Service Training Networking Sales Distribution Operations Brokerage Manufacturing Contract Management