luis hurtado

Designer Animator with years of experience in User-Experience Information Architecture, Broadcast Motion Graphics Video Game Development. Began my career in Video Game Development, designing Interface Graphics, D Textures D Modeling. Moved on to work in Web-Design, designed the corporate websites for Gtv amongst other projects. Switched to Broadcast Design TV Production, while working on Gtv's flagship show, "Attack of the Show." Moved on to Gtv's New Media Design. Responsible for art-directing all of G's "New Media" properties. Ranging from web design to show graphics packages for the in-house Gtv web-video content. Currently a freelance motion graphics animator for TV New Media and user-experience designer for large, database content-driven websites. Specialties Interaction Design, Broadcast Motion Graphics Animation, D Flash Character Animation, D Studio Max, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop