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In brief: Nutritionist and health coach. Specializing in lowering cholesterol naturally without drugs or dramatic dieting. Also focusing on helping people boost energy, lose weight and feel great through simple dietary and lifestyle changes. My support, accountability and inspired food ideas help you get results. The longer story: Passionate about how food effects health and getting results for people. Helping clients achieve vibrant health & boundless energy by giving the support & tools needed to increase energy, lose weight and feel great. I work with people that are ready for change and prepared to commit to being inspired and educated about food and lifestyle choices and the impact they have on health. I teach eating for energy to those that are overworked and often put themselves last. I love showing people how making small changes in the food they eat can help reduce their cholesterol levels naturally. I work either one on one in person, over the phone or Skype. I also do group online detox programs to help kick start your journey and break your sugar habits. My goal is to reverse the global trend of unhealthy eating & increased disease one client at a time. Specialties Weight loss programs Lower cholesterol naturally - 7 step system Stress management techniques Boosting energy levels Healthy eating plans Supported detox programs