linda glenn
Female, 24 years old

??? ??? All Invitations to Connect Welcome, I Never IDK LION – LinkedIn Open Networker Thinker, community builder, bioethicist, educator, counselor-at-law, lecturer, writer and international consultant with emphasis in Bio-ethical and Bio-technical issues; Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Emerging Technologies, Evolving Notions of Legal Personhood, Reproductive Issues, Genetics, Parental / Biological -"Nature vs. Nurture", Artificial Intelligence, Animal Rights issues. Sincerely enjoy the "cutting edge of law." Strong in research, lecture / presentation and litigation. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Computer literate. Conversant in several languages - Slovak and Polish. **************** Recruiters, HR Managers, Hiring Managers connect with me to get access to my network deep in industry leadership. **************** To explore trends and current controversies in Bioethics, call me at 802-999-8678. Specialties Online education, mediation, negotiating, Advocacy, lobbying, trial strategy, advising, researching, writing, lecturing, and public presentation.