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An award winning blogger about local real estate.  I am a Realtor in Burlingame CA working with my husband, Alex, and helping people buy, sell and invest in real estate in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the San Francisco Peninsula.  I spent 35 years working in the broadcasting industry, ending that career with a fabulous 5 year stint at NPR in Washington DC.  Migrated home and into the, then new, world of the Internet and spent 10 years there first selling advertising on websites to ad agencies who had no budget or idea what it would do for them. Then selling analytics to companies and websites tracking their traffic.  Once 9/11 came, my company closed down their internet division, which was positive cash flow, but they were freaked. I decided to become the master of my own destiny and went into real estate, a field I always said I'd go into.  It's been an interesting ride and nothing is ever the same from deal to deal, transaction to transaction and client to client.  I haven't looked back.